Landmark ruling eases telemarketing laws for Dutch charities

On 26 January 2021, the Dutch government unanimously approved two amendments to the proposed Telecommunications Act, softening the rules for charities in contrast with legislation for businesses. The former proposal for the Dutch Telecommunications Act restricted organisations from contacting individuals who have not opted in for marketing calls unless they have a financial relationship as customers or, in the […]

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We all want to be understood

Your donors want to feel understood. Especially now. Coronavirus has been here for several months now. And it feels like years, doesn’t it? Even after months of this, many of us are still feeling uncertain, afraid, and out of control. The whole situation, from medical concerns to financial worries, seems so huge. It’s hard to […]

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2019 Global NGO Technology Report

The Global NGO Technology Report is a biennial research project that seeks to gain a better understanding of how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide use technology. Sponsored by Funraise and produced by Nonprofit Tech for Good, the report examines how NGOs use web and email communications, online fundraising tools, social media, mobile technology, and productivity software. […]

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Visualizations That Really Work

Not long ago, the ability to create smart data visualizations, or dataviz, was a nice-to-have skill. For the most part, it benefited design- and data-minded managers who made a deliberate decision to invest in acquiring it. That’s changed. Now visual communication is a must-have skill for all managers, because more and more often, it’s the […]

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