Our World in Data

Poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks, and inequality: The world faces many great and terrifying problems. It is these large problems that our work at Our World in Data focuses on. Thanks to the work of thousands of researchers around the world who dedicate their lives to it, we often have a good […]

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Ask gently

How do we decide whether it’s right to ask for donations right now? Maybe we look to the past…The impact of the economic crash has been cited as evidence that we should keep on asking. But Covid is different. Never have so many people been affected to such an extent, so quickly, across all sectors […]

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Leadership and Advancement in the Current Crisis – I wish we had started earlier!

In this second article on leadership in a crisis, Karen Cairney and Colin McCallum discuss the importance of focusing on external relationships.  They discuss if now is too late to start and whether you are ready to launch into an emergency campaign. https://www.cairneyandcompany.com/blog/2020/3/30/leadership-and-advancement-in-the-current-crisis-i-wish-we-had-started-earlier

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Do the next right thing: Leading during Coronavirus

Here is the first in a series of useful articles to tackle fundraising during a crisis. This article is written by Shaun Horan, who delves into how you can be resilient during times of change and make the best decisions possible with the limited information available. Shaun identifies three key qualities needed.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/do-next-right-thing-leading-during-coronavirus-shaun-horan

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The fundraising paradox

If Our Donors Aren’t Listening, Are We Really Communicating? With the relative ease and low-cost of online communication, many nonprofits have more messages directed at prospects and donors than ever before. But it is generally estimated that donors and prospects see more than 5,000 marketing messages a day: “Buy this soft drink. These are the […]

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