Most donors don’t care much about how they’re thanked. That’s not because it doesn’t matter, but because most donors are kind and generous people who just want to be helpful.

Let’s take a small step back and consider how donors think about charities. Suppose you just received a gift from a new donor. You might think, “Oh good, our last appeal really reached them!” But there’s a good chance that your last appeal just appeared in front of them at the right time.

For many donors, there are the “must give” organisations – the ones they feel close to. These organisations are “their” organisations. They see themselves as part of the organisation.

Then there are the “this seems like a good idea” or “my friend asked me to give” charities. Or even the “I opened this letter today and I have a bit extra, so why not?” organisations.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to build a group of donors who stick with you, year after year, your goal is to move into that first category.

You want to be one of their charities. In this blog, Mary Cahalane explains how your “Thank You” is key.

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