We all want to be understood

Your donors want to feel understood. Especially now. Coronavirus has been here for several months now. And it feels like years, doesn’t it? Even after months of this, many of us are still feeling uncertain, afraid, and out of control. The whole situation, from medical concerns to financial worries, seems so huge. It’s hard to […]

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How to Conduct Meaningful Virtual Visits and Asks

The reemergence of another wave of COVID-19 and additional stay-at-home recommendations signify the ongoing importance of productive virtual donor visits. Unlike in-person visits, virtual visits require additional preparation and thoughtfulness to truly replicate the in-person experience. Despite the extra preparation, virtual meetings save organizations a lot of time and money. Just think about how many […]

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Wealth and COVID-19

On 15th June 2020, I took part in the first PyroTalks NanoConference and presented ResourceRush – a six minute run through resources to help you through the current pandemic. Here is part 3 of the key resources shared. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on wealth across the world. The Wealth Report by […]

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