How to Develop Effective KPIs

Of course Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important. But, when push comes to shove, KPIs are only really useful if you identify the right ones for your cause. They will only deliver mission-critical data if you use the KPIs and analyse what they tell you on a regular basis to inform your decision making. In […]

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The Power of Small Wins

What is the best way to drive innovative work inside organizations? Important clues hide in the stories of world-renowned creators. It turns out that ordinary scientists, marketers, programmers, and other unsung knowledge workers, whose jobs require creative productivity every day, have more in common with famous innovators than most managers realize. The workday events that […]

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How to Collaborate Without Burning Out

According to research from Connected Commons, most managers now spend 85% or more of their work time on e-mail, in meetings, and on the phone, and the demand for such activities has jumped by 50% over the past decade. Companies benefit, of course: Faster innovation and more-seamless client service are two by-products of greater collaboration. […]

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Nonprofits are the engines of change

Nonprofits operate in an increasingly volatile world — and a rapidly evolving digital landscape. This was true before the pandemic and even more so now. According to a 2020 nonprofit trends report, the demand for more nonprofit programs and services is rising. So what can non-profits do now to be successful? Vala Afshar looks for […]

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“Othering” Language akin to Poverty Porn: Is Your Nonprofit Guilty?

“Poverty porn” refers to the use of pictures, video, the written word, and other forms of communication to present participant stories through a victimizing lens. These elicit feelings of pity and motivate donors to give. These media show helpless, passive victims just waiting for someone to rescue them. While dehumanizing language may bring in funding, […]

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