The fundraising paradox

If Our Donors Aren’t Listening, Are We Really Communicating? With the relative ease and low-cost of online communication, many nonprofits have more messages directed at prospects and donors than ever before. But it is generally estimated that donors and prospects see more than 5,000 marketing messages a day: “Buy this soft drink. These are the […]

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12 Online Fundraising Ideas

One of the challenges that nonprofits face when fundraising is finding unique ways to connect to donors and inspire giving. While simply asking can accomplish much, making donating fun does a lot more. Coming up with fundraising ideas isn’t always easy. So here is Michelle Frechettee with a dozen ideas to consider to help grow […]

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Why sincere is better than clever

In this brilliant blog, Mary Cahalane shares mistakes she made early on in her career and what she learnt from them. Mary closes her blog with this brilliant quote, which I absolutely love…: “Writing to your donors isn’t about you or your organization. Writing to your donors is about your donors. “Give them a problem […]

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The Twelve Appeals of the Year

This blog by Mark Phillips from Bullfrog Fundraising Limited was written just before Christmas but holds up just as well as we return to work in 2020 – an excellent time for a little retrospection. What are we proud of? What’s great? What (or who) has been a right pain? And how’s the fundraising profession […]

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Three things I look for in pitches

Richard Branson needs no introduction and there is no doubt that he has heard thousands of pitches. What can fundraisers learn from Richard when it comes to us pitching to wealthy individuals? Richard states: “Throughout my career, I have heard thousands of pitches: formal business sit-downs, opportunist moments in elevators, and some very inventive incidents […]

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