In another thoughtful post by Mary Cahalane, she asks “Would you prefer to read a grant proposal or a novel?”

When you’re fundraising, it’s really important to understand the difference between the “why” and “how”.

Many fundraisers are rightly proud of their organization’s work. And they’re especially proud of what sets their organization apart from others. Often, that’s exactly “how” they approach their mission.

But most of your donors – and potential donors – don’t care as much about your methods. They care about your results. And more… they care most about your results’ impact on actual people. Not numbers, but lives touched. Your methods aren’t as important as your results. “How” has its place. But don’t make it the star.

“Why” is emotional. And that can make it scary. The “why” of your organization’s mission is full of feelings. The person or people who began your organization felt strongly enough about a problem that they launched a nonprofit.

And now, you need to communicate that passion to people who might want to help. The passion – to feed or house or heal people – is what brings your donors to your mission.

Donors want to know what the problem is. Who is affected? And most of all: why is my help needed?

Mary shares more in her post here:

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