The BIG 5 in fundraising performance metrics

Reinier Spruit discusses how we’re in the relationship building business and how we need to measure and register every response.

Ironically, we must quantify the relations with our donors, so we can improve the quality of the contact we have with them.

There are a ton of metrics we can track, and should track, like email open rates, sign-up rates per hour, one-off cash donations and appeal response rates. But there are 5 that are simply much more important. Mainly because they are the building blocks for making sensible decisions for the longer term.

I call them the Big Five. The Big Five are Volume, Expenditure, Income, Retention and Return on Investment.

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The Other Side of the Impostor Syndrome – Impostor Syndrome

Are you really as good as you think? Humility aside most of us doubt ourselves at some stage – that’s just part of life.

But how can we turn imposter syndrome around to become an advantage? How can it inspire us to achieve greater things? How can we use this knowledge to inspire our prospects and donors to think big?

Dr Valeria Young provides useful insight.