Tolerating performance or behavior that negatively impacts the team is choosing to signal to the team that you are OK with it.

The only choices you really have in situations like these are to Tolerate, Train, or Terminate. Shane Snow took this advice to heart over the years and made a flowchart as a reminder that sometimes the easy way out of this situation is exactly the way to “lose” your team.

The only two good choices we have when an individual is negatively affecting the team is to Terminate the individual (if we can, and if it’s smart) or to Train—and this is the important part—either the individual OR the team itself to change.

Truth is, when we seek diversity for our teams, we’re asking for cognitive friction. To prevent that from becoming a negative, we as teams need to develop the intellectual humility to appreciate, engage with, and adapt to diverse thinking.

Find out more in Shane’s blog.

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