The fundraising paradox

If Our Donors Aren’t Listening, Are We Really Communicating? With the relative ease and low-cost of online communication, many nonprofits have more messages directed at prospects and donors than ever before. But it is generally estimated that donors and prospects see more than 5,000 marketing messages a day: “Buy this soft drink. These are the […]

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Finding Value in the Middle: An Examination of Mid-Level Giving

In recent years, more attention has been paid to the value of mid-level donors. But many mid-level programs still underperform, with fundraisers uncertain about how to engage with these donors. Lawrence Henze, principal consultant at Blackbaud Target Analytics, has over 38 years of development and marketing experience in the nonprofit sector. In his latest white […]

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Big Data Analysis

Big Data is not just the ability to store large amounts of data, more important is what we can do to the data in that large volume, how we use the data with such large volumes. One of its uses is for data analysis needs. Big Data Analysis can be done in order to assist […]

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