The CASE-Ross Survey is annually conducted by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). It provides an estimate of the overall state of philanthropic giving to the higher education sector and is a key source of information on the subject in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Sue Cunningham, President and CEO of CASE writes: “The results of this year’s survey demonstrate a dramatic increase in giving to higher education in the region. In 2021–22, New Funds Committed reached a record £1.49 billion and increased for the second year after a 16% decline in 2019–20. This year’s increase was 31% over the prior year and while two extraordinary pledges contributed to this double-digit growth, increases were steady across the sector.

“Funds Received in the region increased 7% compared to the prior year, which is consistent with trends in both the U.S. and Canada, where funds received increased 12.5% and 5% respectively.”

Other key stats include:

  • The total new funds committed in 2021–22 was £1.49 billion.
  • The mean philanthropic funds committed in 2021–22 increased by 31% since 2020–21.
  • On average, institutions sourced 45% of their new funds from individuals (including alumni and non-alumni) while organisations (including companies, trusts and foundations, lotteries, and other organisations) contributed the remaining 55%.
  • Amongst 69 institutions that provided the data, 191 donors made gifts or pledges of £500,000 or more during 2021–22 (institutions in the Fragile cluster did not receive more than £500,000; institutions in the Elite cluster did not provide the data)

You can read the infographic and full report here:

As in previous years, the comments below contain links to further analysis, insights and interpretations of this year’s data. That way this page becomes a one-stop collection for all to benefit.

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