Why should I give you money?

Why should I care about your work?

Why will this matter to someone?

Too often, we focus on HOW. We love to talk about how we do the work. All the cool ways we accomplish great things. A new process. A unique way of tackling a problem.

All of these things matter. Probably to institutional supporters. And definitely to you. You live and breathe them. You see them, day in and day out, at work. Most of your donors do not. They don’t work with you. And they don’t need to know how you accomplish your mission. They need to know why you accomplish it. And a bit about why they can trust you to do what you say.

But mostly, what matters is why help is sorely needed – today. Why compassionate people – like them – will want to know about someone who needs help. Why there’s a problem and they’re needed to fix it.

In another great article by Mary Mcahalane, Mary provides some examples of HOW you can explain the WHY.


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