Nearly three years after COVID shook up charities and the way we fundraise, what does 2023 look like? A glance into the fundraising crystal ball shows a tumultuous year but with foresight, planning and some nerves of steel fundraisers and their charities can help those in greater need than ever and weather 2023.

The perfect storm of European recession and geopolitical tension will continue. If Russia’s war in Ukraine ceases the chaos and instability this has caused will be with us beyond 2023. China will continue to make its presence felt around the globe but having seen what has happened in Ukraine will use cyber capabilities and nation influencing to advance its agenda. Ongoing tensions between the West and China & Russia will remain for 2023.

Consequently, for charities energy costs, supply chain difficulties and inflation will remain problems. Charities and fundraisers will need to look for cost savings in their 2023 plans and get used to this new normal of higher costs. Those charities that have sensibly considered the rationale for their reserves will need to use them, the proverbial rainy day for many charities arrives in 2023.

Against this background, the need for many charity services in 2023 will continue to be high.

John Green’s post following a discussion at the Catholics in Fundraising forum in November 2022 explores these challenges and trends further.

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