That’s a truism. You obviously have to have some spare cash if you are going to support a charity, but what makes this a particularly interesting point is the recent report from the Governor of the Bank of England, where he explains that saving deposits have increased in value by over £125 billion during the pandemic.

Let’s put that sum into context. In the average year about £10 billion is donated to charity in the UK. People now have more than 12 times that sitting in savings accounts simply because they have spent less over the last year.

And as we have seen from a number of studies, the pandemic has caused a behavioural shift where many of us have reconsidered what our goals should be. The result is more demand for a better, fairer world – even if it is more expensive.

In this blog, Mark Phillips looks at how the combination of more income and an increased desire for a different world order is translating to giving when donors actually have an appeal in their hands.

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