Emotional intelligence gets a lot of attention in the field of leadership research, and it is drawing increasing attention from many other fields as well. By increasing empathy and compassion through accurate awareness and acceptance of emotions, real widespread change can be ignited.

Daniel Goleman wrote the book Emotional Intelligence and his personal “awakening” into “the human moment” is an impactful message for humanity as a whole.

With people hurrying through their lives in what he calls an “urban trance,” an awakening to an empathetic response to other human beings changes the reaction in others. Goleman stresses that there is zero correlation between IQ and emotional empathy. When compassion leads, change is made.

The more we are awakened to the awareness of the need for emotional intelligence, the better a world we can create.

Find this TED talk and others on the power of emotional intelligence in this list compiled by Kelly Miller.


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