And we are off! The CASE-Ross survey for 2018-19 has been released. Continuing on from last year’s popular posting, here is the latest report as published by CASE.

Following three years of hovering around the £1bn mark, in 2018-19 participating institutions’ new funds secured leapt to a total of £1.3bn secured. And for the first time ever, the total cash received by participating institutions was more than £1bn – demonstrating that the cash does follow new funds secured, with a slight lag. For both measures, the long-term trend of linear growth continues apace across nearly all the report’s clusters.

For instance, last year we celebrated when one institution from the Elite cluster surpassed £300m of new funds secured; this year, both the Elite institutions did so – driven in part by both securing a single £100m+ gift.

Much of the rest of the sector grew, too. More institutions than ever before have raised more than £10m and of these a higher proportion than ever before have raised £20m or more. Five out of six cluster groups had higher average new funds secured in 2018-19 than in 2017-18, with only the Developing cluster falling slightly.

Read more in the full report available here:

Please use the comments below to post links to your own analysis, insights and interpretations of this years data. That way this page becomes a one stop collection for all to enjoy.

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