Change can feel glacial, especially for those of us who work with limited nonprofit budgets. The desire to stick with “Safe” and proven tactics often stymies innovation, because losing a little is better than risking the unknown, when margins are tight.

But eventually, the pressure builds, the balance shifts, and the old walls that held us back come tumbling down. It’s about reaching the “tipping point” where business as usual can no longer be tolerated.

We have reached that tipping point in the ongoing debate of which channels are best to reach donors and prospects – digital (email, social media, giving days) is now the clear #1 in terms of driving gifts.

According to the 2020 BWF Digital Fundraising Survey, respondents say 39 percent of their gifts now come from digital channels. That’s compared to 29 percent from direct mail and only seven percent from the phone.

Justin Ware, Senior Vice President of Digital at BWF, provides further insight in this blog.

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