IMG_-qugjtz.jpgWelcome to Propper Fundraising, the website collating fundraising blogs and articles written by some of the best fundraisers, leaders, marketers and data professionals.

One of my aims in life is to help charities gain new insight, challenge existing beliefs, improve processes and guide fundraisers to be their best. Having read, shared and written a variety of blogs and articles during my time in fundraising, I accumulated a large list of favourites. As the list was getting longer, it was getting harder to find the ones I was looking for. It was therefore high time for me to set about categorising them. In doing so, I thought this set of blogs might be helpful to others in the profession, too.

Hence, Propper Fundraising was born. And yes, that’s a play on my surname, not a typing mistake… 😉

I hope you enjoy these articles by some of the best fundraisers, marketers and data specialists in the world. If nothing else, I hope they spark your imagination to come up with fantastic new ways to raise money for worthy causes. Please feel free to comment on the blogs, start a discussion or suggest new blogs to add to this archive.

Helping those in need is one of the most rewarding activities anyone can do. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Christian H Propper