Marcel Schwantes writes: “Many years ago when I started to coach and train leaders to become the best versions of themselves, I had to learn to be the example and to walk the talk myself! The biggest obstacle standing in my way? Me.

“I had to learn to remove the barriers of hubris, self-centeredness, and instant gratification to eventually learn the success principles of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, humility, and Servant Leadership. (my biggest blind spot was seeing the world through the lenses of what’s in it for me?).

“Things have changed. I continue to evolve as a human being and I still make mistakes. But having adopted some new habits, which I am sharing in this blog, have certainly helped in my own metamorphosis.

“Before you read it, a fair warning: It’s not about you. It took years for me to develop the understanding that life, and good leadership, are really about giving, service, stewardship, and meaningful relationships.”

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