We all have something in common – we don’t want to be bored.

A common thread among all nonprofits is that they need to raise money in order to do their good work. Now, combine that with the above fact about not wanting to be bored and gamification websites for nonprofit fundraising was born.

Gamification is using game-like designs or strategies in a non-game context. It started to pick up speed in 2010, and now it is a staple of both the for-profit and nonprofit world. It adds creativity and competition to something that might be, ahem, boring.

This is especially relevant for the younger generation. They are donating. They want to do good in the world. But they, like everyone else, want to be engaged. Gamification websites for nonprofit fundraising is a way to transform old-fashioned donating into an interactive experience.

Find out more about the benefits and see examples of Gamification in this blog by Mary Blasberg


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