Over the last few years, organisations of all kinds have experienced a significant change in the information security landscape. New data privacy regulations require increased compliance and diligence, with major penalties.

These pressures weigh even more heavily on charities, who have a legal and ethical duty to do everything in their power to protect sensitive user data – particularly that of vulnerable service users.

Digital transformation and the emergence of Cloud-based services have further increased the complexity of IT infrastructure – making you reliant on multiple third parties in order to keep your data safe.

And, as security measures have become more sophisticated, cyber criminals have adapted to overcome them. The threat landscape has increased with a higher number of attacks, many of which demonstrate higher levels of personalisation and targeting than before.

The public are becoming more aware of high-profile data breaches, making privacy and security key to maintaining supporter trust and loyalty. Again, this is even more important in the charity sector than the world of business, with many charities relying upon their reputation to raise vital operational funds.

All this means that protecting your data within your network alone is no longer enough. You need to protect your data wherever it lives.

Find out more in this blog from Charity Digital:


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