Your donors want to feel understood. Especially now. Coronavirus has been here for several months now. And it feels like years, doesn’t it?

Even after months of this, many of us are still feeling uncertain, afraid, and out of control. The whole situation, from medical concerns to financial worries, seems so huge. It’s hard to get our brains around it all.

Your donors are feeling that way, too. Whether we want to be or not, we’re all in this together now. My choices affect you and yours affect me. Are you giving donors something to hold on to now?

In the face of such a huge problem, it’s natural for people to think, “what can one person do?” That’s where you come in. Because you can offer people the opportunity to feel a little bit more in control. You can give them the chance to feel useful. Understood. Generous.

A while back, Mary Calahane read an article about the need for empathy toward healthcare workers. One paragraph stood out, and Mary wants to share it with us.

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