In these difficult and uncertain times, the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II this week brings an even more sombre mood. The Queen has been an amazing role model to so many people, including myself, and she will be sorely missed.

However, I always like to remain positive and focus on aspects that can take us forward. I find that focusing on lessons learnt or on small, touching moments that light up dark moments, help me to move forward.

The admiration shown to the Queen is one such positive aspect and this, to me, was amplified by the first speech given by King Charles III yesterday. His message was heartfelt and comforting, honest and authentic.

How far we have come during the Queen’s 70 year reign, that a man, let alone a monarch, felt comfortable to share his emotions and talk about love. The concern he displayed that he would now have less time available to spend with the charities that are so close to him was heartfelt. Maybe, just maybe, this is a true turning point.

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