Every organisation wants to design digital solutions with a rich user experience. To do this, they need a thorough understanding of how people interact with technology and experience these solutions. As humans we are hardwired to spot certain patterns and responses in our surroundings. We use these responses and patterns when we are solving problems in our day-to-day life.

Digital solutions are no different. The key to a smooth user experience is to design products and solutions which serve user goals. So, there are two questions you should ask yourself before hopping onto a website redesign or building a new application. The first question is how do your users solve problems? And the second question is let’s understand how users solve problems. Understanding this will provide you the key to unlocking a user-friendly experience on your website.

Aravind Thogur Chandrashekar explains how you can use the concept of an Action Cycle  as a guide to crafting user flows to interaction design for your webpages.


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