“Confident” is not the opposite of “nice”. And if it seems that “nice” requires you to act with less confidence, you’re being asked to perform.

An internal report at Hewlett Packard found that men apply for a job or promotion when they meet 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them.

Perfectionism. It can make you feel righteous. You work for the very best in all you do. It may have become essential to how you see yourself – and the standards you set for yourself.

But what could happen if you give it up? What if good enough was really good enough? Especially if good enough means you can get more good done?

In this blog, Mary Cahalane reflects on an article she had tucked away in a file. Written by Margie Warrell, the article is titled: The Confidence Gap: Six Ways Women Can Dismantle The Hurdles In Their Own Heads. Though her focus is on women, this may be a topic you have considered whatever your gender.


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