Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could count on a certain percentage of people in your email list to donate to your organization, and a certain percentage of those donors to become passionate, sustaining members or even board members?

Just like traveling through a forest, a guide can show your audience how to move on the path that will most benefit your mission.

When you treat each interaction with your audience as a single interaction point, they can get stuck—engaging with you in the same spot or headed somewhere else entirely.

That is the mindset shift, Emily Taylor, the author of this blog, would like you to make: 

“See every touch point with your audience, not as a transaction, but an opportunity to be a guide.”

In the same way, you can help people learn more about your mission by giving them simple steps to listen—first to something exciting about your work and later to what it really takes to meet your mission. As people become more knowledgeable about your work, it opens up opportunities to show them how they can be more involved and to ask them for support.

So, how do you start a map to guide your audience? Emily’s 5 step approach prompts you to write down one thing you can do to guide people to the next stage. Practice leading people from one step to the next and take notes for what really leads people to become passionate supporters.

Find out more in Emily Taylor’s blog.


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