Generations of fundraisers and NGOs have been conditioned to a very insidious formula for the way we fundraise. This formula has evolved, it has mutated, but it is still very much alive.

Essentially, this formula rests on humanising the donor, and then predominantly the white donor, and on dehumanising the predominantly non-white beneficiaries and more specifically black people.

Of course, we should note the term “beneficiary” is itself a contentious term. This formula traditionally positioned the white donor as this wholesome, complex and moral being, who could yet become more humane by helping, saving or rescuing the de-humanised beneficiary.

The donor is typically represented as this multi-dimensional individual, essential in humanising any image representation and the beneficiary typically as uni-dimensional. It would seem the sectors don’t know how to move beyond this basic formula.  This formula has become the main way, in some adapted form, of raising money from predominantly white donors.

Dr Haseeb Shabbir is using humanisation theory to explain inclusive comms. Humanisation is often defined as recognising the full human attributes which comprise the human essence.  For more, please read the blog below.

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