On 15th June 2020, I took part in the first PyroTalks NanoConference and presented ResourceRush – a six minute run through resources to help you through the current pandemic. Here is part 1 of the key resources shared.

It wouldn’t be fair to run through a list of resources without referencing the big three charity support groups, which have all provided a wealth of resources.

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising has a variety of industry leading blogs and general advise for charities of all sizes. In particular, it has a comprehensive list of emergency funding available to charities from governments, trusts, foundations and corporates.

Likewise, the Charities Aid Foundation has thought leadership articles on how to survive, adapt and thrive during the pandemic. They have included a thorough guide on how to transition your usual activities into the digital realm.

And the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education has a comprehensive list of guides, case-studies and examples of resources provided by HE institutions from around the world.

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