Smart Handpumps get fixed within 3 days – not 30, letting people get on with their lives, instead of spending hours collecting water.

Many rural communities across the developing world rely on hand pumps for their daily water needs. However, at any one time, one in four pumps is broken. Smart Handpumps have a transmitter that show how much they are being used, and if they are broken. In the areas where they have been installed in Eastern Kenya 98% of repairs are now completed within three days, rather than weeks or months, as was the case before. With your help, we can bring this technology to more communities in other parts of Kenya, and beyond, so that more people can benefit from sustainable water supplies.

Gifts to this appeal will be matched by the Global Challenges Research Fund, which means your money will go twice as far.

This appeal runs for the month of June on the University of Oxford’s crowdfunding site Oxreach. Their Twitter feed will be featured on this site during June 2019.

Visit the site to find out more about the project, and how you can help – and please spread the word!

This is a special post highlighting a real appeal. If you would like to feature an appeal that is special to you, please contact me. Hopefully, we can make this a regular feature.


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