Business and marketing leaders are continuing to invest in data programmes because they recognize the tremendous power of data.

Insights and Analytics leaders have always known about the power of data, but now the secret’s out. Data is not just for researchers and analysts to dig around in anymore – it’s for everyone! Businesses are reshaping how they operate and how they make decisions, all with a greater emphasis on being data-driven.

Decision makers have more and more data available to them for every decision they make and, quite often, they’re going at it alone. Research found that decision makers are only using input from their Insights & Analytics functions for about half of the customer-facing decisions they make. As the business reshapes around data, how can Insights & Analytics impact more of those customer-facing decisions?

In Gartner’s analysis, they identified the five specific factors that play a role in decision-making and they fall into three main buckets: Decision Inputs, Decision Makers, and Decision Support.

Find out more below.

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