On 15th June 2020, I took part in the first PyroTalks NanoConference and presented ResourceRush – a six minute run through resources to help you through the current pandemic. Here is part 3 of the key resources shared.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on wealth across the world.

The Wealth Report by Knight Frank tracks wealth generation and movement, including how UHNWIs are investing, how wellness and sustainability trends are impacting global real estate markets and why philanthropy is the new investment of passion.

This year’s report was launched on 4 March 2020, just before the outbreak turned global.

However, the report covers many themes which are still relevant:

  • Longevity – the role of older people in society – how they contribute and how they are treated.
  • Global uncertainty – addressing the dysfunctional relationship between international trading partners has translated into an uncoordinated global response to the pandemic.
  • The Veil of Secrecy around the world’s wealth has gradually bene lifted and how this has created a populace angry of wealth inequality.
  • Follow up reports on COVID-19 – region specific and focused on five key themes in light of the pandemic.

You can download the full report here:


With companies not trading and markets in unknown territory, keeping an eye out on which companies are doing well and which aren’t is a complex business. ShareCast is a comprehensive free online shares toolkit which can help you monitor and keep track of the latest trading developments.

If you haven’t got time to research individual companies or read the Financial Times every day, try The Week. The Week is a magazine that consolidates a week’s worth of newspaper headlines into digestible summaries and is published every Friday. It also has a fairly comprehensive CITY section, which covers the winners and losers of the last week. In addition, you’ll get insights on a variety of topical industries, profiles on key individuals in the city and the best and worst shares of the week.

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