Storytelling permeates nearly every aspect of our society. The human brain is hardwired to respond to the power of storytelling. From curling up with a good book, to taking a trip to the movies, to listening to your friend recount what they did last weekend, human beings love to be enthralled by stories.

Throughout history, people have moved nations, changed minds, and touched hearts with only the power of words on their side. They do this by creating a narrative so powerful and emotionally charged that people cannot ignore what they are saying.

We respond better and remember more when information is presented as a narrative. But there is a limit to how long people are willing to pay attention to stories they are not already invested in. Brevity is the key to this kind of communication.

Rober Kain illustrates how you can use the Pixar pitch story method to incorporate storytelling into your nonprofit’s elevator pitches and see more people become invested in your organization and the cause it supports.

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