Social media marketing used to mean coming up with catchy copy, using funny gifs, and waaaaay too many hashtags.

But an effective social media marketing needs to be so much more than that. This whimsical, “spray and pray” attitude to social media is what gives it a bad rep. When marketers say they can’t see the ROI of social, it’s because they aren’t measuring the right things, if at all. But how can you improve on something you don’t measure? And see the return of it? You can’t.

The problem is, if you aren’t tracking social media, you end up wasting more time. Because you spend time guessing, not knowing what’s effective. That means wasting money and resources, and losing tons of opportunities to connect and engage with the audience you really want.

Worst of all, you end up hurting your brand image, since you’re not giving your audience what they want, because you simply don’t know what it is! And that’s exactly why you need to adopt a data-driven mindset towards social media marketing.

Joei Chan describes in detail how you can give your social media strategy an added boost with some simple data metrics.

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