Turn a New Subscriber into a Donor with an Email Nurture Sequence

What happens after someone subscribes to your email list? Does she simply get tossed into the general email list? Or do you have a special way of welcoming her into your nonprofit’s family?

An email nurture sequence is an automated series of emails someone receives after taking a specific action on a website. Typically, the action is filling out an online form to subscribe to a newsletter.

The purpose of the sequence is to welcome, build trust, and encourage the subscriber to take the natural next steps with your nonprofit. This is the getting-to- know-you phase of the relationship.  The problem is you don’t have enough hours in the day to personally tell new subscribers what they need to know. 

That’s where an email nurture sequence comes in handy. You write the email sequence, set it on autopilot, then let your words systematically start nurturing the budding relationship!

Julie Cooper has a free guide and template to help you create your own nurture sequence.


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